Climbing Newsvalues

How is news sourced, and how is it changing?

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Climbing Newsvalues

This is something I spend quite a bit of time thinking about for Factor Two. What makes a great story? What are the angles I’m interested in? Who can tell a good story?

The sources of climbing stories have evolved from sending a report and photos to the magazines, to getting your agent to punch out a press release to the Associated Press and update your Instagram. The last one is significant; social media removes the gatekeepers to information, and it removes a source of perceived prominence for the audience. It can also remove objectivity.

The way that climbing news is sourced and reported these days doesn’t change many of the dynamics. Truth, integrity and authenticity are still up for grabs, but the game are shifting, even if human nature isn’t.

I take a further look at these ideas in the latest Blogpost on the website.


Here are a few of the things I’ve been reading this month:


Factor Two was longlisted in the AIPS Awards, which also saw 3 climbing articles shortlisted in different categories.

It has also been shortlisted for the Publisher Podcast Awards, along with a fairly illustrious crowd of publishers, including the BBC, the Telegraph and Penguin. Not bad!

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