Nov 16, 2020 • 11M

Dave Bowes Interview

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Side hustles from the Factor Two podcast.
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I always get a bit blue in November, but actually, in between the rain and the dark, I’ve had some of my best days out on the grit at this time of year. I’m living a little too far from that now, so praying it gets a little colder and some of the Edinburgh Covid-19 guidance changes enough to allow a few winter trips in the hills.

Here’s a short audio piece for this week. This was recorded 18 months ago, but never saw the light of day and I think Dave is someone well worth hearing from.

Dave Bowes is the captain of the GB Paraclimbing Team.

In 2007 he had a horrific motorbike accident, which left him with long term brain damage. Recovering from this has been a difficult task for Dave, but one that he’s taken to in a methodical manner over the past decade. Learning to manage the problems he faces as a result - maintaining energy levels, concentration and anxiety - is a lesson to all of us in what our bodies are capable of.

In this short interview Dave talks about his accident, the value that climbing has for him and some of the ways that he has overcome these difficulties, including the people who have inspired him.

You can find Dave on Instagram.

As well as his climbing, Dave has also participated in Ninja Warrior. Check out those abs!

I’m finishing off the next episode of Factor Two this week. I’ve got plans for the next few episodes after that, but if you’ve got people you’d like to hear from or stories that aren’t being told I’d love to hear from you.